Thursday, June 21, 2012

Schools out and a run streak


So, It looks like the Summer has started for real. In addition to these two knuckel heads finishing school today the Classic "Hazy,Hot and Humid" NY weather has begun.
Yesterday I spent an hour in the yard shooting them with the hose and we spontaneously ended up creating their new favorite game "Hoseball" All it took was the powerwash setting of the hose and two waffle ball bats and suddenly we were counting how many consecutive "hits" these two would alternately make. For these two baseball obsessed freaks it was great. They were cool, working on their swing and hitting me with water in the process! Now if only they could do that while I ran.

This heat wave would keep me from running under normal circumstances but back on Memorial day weekend all the twitter chatter about the #RWRunStreak-Runners World Run Streak had me intrigued. I have not been following any plan since the marathon in early May and I don’t have any solid plans for the near future yet so I thought what the heck.   It started on Memorial Day but I ran that whole weekend, so right now I have run at least one mile for the past 25 days! For me that is huge.  I love my rest days.  I didn’t think I could do without them.    

But I have learned a few things that will stick with me. 
·         I can fit in a few miles even on my long and never ending Mondays
·         Just because we are throwing a party does not mean I can't run that day.
·         No matter how much deoderant you put on, there is a point when it just stops working. 
·         Running my 1.23 mile route with both dogs at night doubles as the “poopwalk”
·         Quizzing Michael on his times tables is possible from the treadmill
·         Speedy miles on the treadmill can be bearable, sweaty and somehow fun. 
·         Running during baseball practice is acceptable.  They don’t seem to know I am there anyway!
·         After a few 1 mile days I really appreciate the longer runs outside. 
·         Reusing running clothes more than once before you wash them is a must!
·         The repair of my long lost treadmill is KEY to me being able to continue this streak.  Note to self: No longer can I complain that Pete is not home so I can’t run. 
·         One mile turns into 3 or more on a night I eat this homemade Oreo Ice cream cake.

· Excuses are easy to come up with but you don’t always need them. Time is short but there is always a way to fit it in.

Anyone out there on dailymile?  Are we friends?  I obviously post more often there than here but I hope to change that this summer!