Monday, July 30, 2012

Look at me! Blogging yet again in July.  Can you tell I don't work full time in the summer? AND, my running thoughts increase along with my miles. 

Yesterday I ran 18 miles in the morning and then sat in the Beacher seats at Yankee Stadium for over five hours!  Yikes. I wore jeans so that I could wear compression socks and not commit a fashion Fau pax. 

ON the upside there was free food and icecream at the Yankees Universe event we attended since my boys are members of the club so that hit the spot after and 18 mile morning!  

 I felt hung over this morning when I woke up and I swear I did NOT have even one $9 beer at the park.

I wanted to share two virtual events I am participating in. 

First being caught up in the Summer Olympics hype I am very excited to participate in Run with Jess Virtual Track Star.  I realize I will never be an olymipic gymnast or participate in Water Polo.  Running as fast as I can.  Already there!  Thanks Jess!

There are still a few days before the running events begin so if you have not already signed up check it out here!

The Second even happens in September.  Laura over at Mommy Run Fast is hosting a 5 and 10 mile race for Labor Day.  

For me Labor Day became significant in 2005 when I gave birth ON Labor day.  LOL's all around when they announced that at school. 

But ever since then I have loved the long run that happens on that day thinking how far I have come.  I am signing up for the ten mile.  It might be part of a longer run that day.  We shall see how the plan pans out with the numbers that weekend.  Go take a look at

Well off to pick up the boys at Baseball camp at the Minor League Stadium.  Then guess what? Another Ball game!

Its all Baseball, Hot dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet over here this summer.  Wait.  I didn't get a pie.  Just all that other stuff.  Anyone seen my Apple Pie?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Garage Treadmill

This morning, Saturday is a work day for Pete.  I either got up early and ran or tread -milled it.  Since I love the Olympics and stayed up to watch the entire opening ceremony the later was the obvious choice.  But when I finally got myself up and out to the garage the machine had become the Dreadmill.  Don't get me wrong. I am soooooo grateful that my husband and his brother fixed it for me two months ago.   BUT it is just hard for me to run easy with the numbers right in front of me.  I only had three miles on the plan.  Anything longer would not fly.  

So out there among the golf clubs, baseball bats, tool box,bikes and the recycling I played with the speed to decrease the monotony.  It’s the only way to go for me since the view is limited. 

Usually my outside runs get me to the Hudson River with views like these. 
So maybe I am just spoiled. 

Fingers crossed for the AM weather tomorrow.  I plan on 18 miles before heading down to the Bronx for the Yanks-Sox game. 

Happy weekend Everyone!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Images from my Summer So Far

Hudson Valley Renegades-
Minor league team 5miles from home

July 4th -Eight Mile race

Wool Sweater+cold water & ice = Ahhhh

Fall Marathon Decisions

When I didn't get into the NYC Marathon by lottery I thought two things. 

1) five min faster on my marathon time gets me in next year without the lottery
2) I  still want to run another full this year. 

But after the Long Island Marathon I eased up on the miles. 

Me in the purple.  Third place out of the gates!

Ran a huge PR (and a 5th place overall finish) in a Women's race.  Then ran 42 days in a row with no plan other than the #RWRunStreak and completing 100 miles in June.  Two weeks ago I realized if I wanted to run anything I had to get myself into gear and get building the miles.  I was way behind!

I have decided that I will run the Hartford marathon in October.  It met my simple requirements: Its close enough to drive to that day. 
I hemmed and hawed over doing some others but the fact is it is hard to commit to a weekend when boys weekend activities are crazy.  I just registered both boys for fall baseball.  They both do Cub Scouts.  B also plays soccer.  I am tired just thinking about September-November around here.   I have figured out how to squeeze all my training in but I don’t like missing more of their “stuff” than I have to.  Mommy guilt I guess. 
 So I launched into a training plan.  Hit fast forward and landed myself comfortably at 15 miles this past Saturday, before my son’s sleepover party!  Talk about being tired!

I had been running 25-30 miles since the June run streak and had some good long runs.  I am looking at 12 weeks of following a plan.  A twenty week marathon training plan is simply too long for me.   This past Spring I was done by week 16.  Ready for the marathon.  I was tired of the plan.  The mocking daily e-mail reminders of what I need to do before the end of the day. I promised myself I would not torture myself.  Well since I finally decided on a marathon and its closer than 20 weeks mission accomplished! 
Marathon # 3 here I come!