Monday, July 30, 2012

Look at me! Blogging yet again in July.  Can you tell I don't work full time in the summer? AND, my running thoughts increase along with my miles. 

Yesterday I ran 18 miles in the morning and then sat in the Beacher seats at Yankee Stadium for over five hours!  Yikes. I wore jeans so that I could wear compression socks and not commit a fashion Fau pax. 

ON the upside there was free food and icecream at the Yankees Universe event we attended since my boys are members of the club so that hit the spot after and 18 mile morning!  

 I felt hung over this morning when I woke up and I swear I did NOT have even one $9 beer at the park.

I wanted to share two virtual events I am participating in. 

First being caught up in the Summer Olympics hype I am very excited to participate in Run with Jess Virtual Track Star.  I realize I will never be an olymipic gymnast or participate in Water Polo.  Running as fast as I can.  Already there!  Thanks Jess!

There are still a few days before the running events begin so if you have not already signed up check it out here!

The Second even happens in September.  Laura over at Mommy Run Fast is hosting a 5 and 10 mile race for Labor Day.  

For me Labor Day became significant in 2005 when I gave birth ON Labor day.  LOL's all around when they announced that at school. 

But ever since then I have loved the long run that happens on that day thinking how far I have come.  I am signing up for the ten mile.  It might be part of a longer run that day.  We shall see how the plan pans out with the numbers that weekend.  Go take a look at

Well off to pick up the boys at Baseball camp at the Minor League Stadium.  Then guess what? Another Ball game!

Its all Baseball, Hot dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet over here this summer.  Wait.  I didn't get a pie.  Just all that other stuff.  Anyone seen my Apple Pie?

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  1. Nice job on your 18 miles!! I would have worn compression to the game, too. Probably would have committed the fashion fau pax, though. :)
    Thanks for sharing about the race- I'm excited you signed up!