About Me

My name is Heather.  I have been married to Peter for thirteen years and have two boys, Michael and Brendan.  I live about 60 miles north of NYC most of my free time is spent following the schedules of my kids; Baseball, Cub Scouts, Soccer,skiing... 
During the week I work in a High School as a School Counselor advising and guiding students to the next phase of their lives.  Oh and I try to keep up with my friends and relatives.  

It gets kind of hectic but I love it!  
Family Reunion 2010
 I have run on and off for the past 25 years, but never seriously.  A mile here and there to stay in shape.  Some years more that others. In January 2010 my brother in law decided to run a 10k and I joined him, beat him in that race and I continued to run.  With a purpose.  For me.