Sunday, August 4, 2013

Three 10k's, another 5k and an 8 mile race report

Photo by Jack Brennan - TRR Club

Taconic Road Runners St Patrick's Day 10k

March 17,2013

First Race I ran entirely with a friend.  Helped Beth attain a 10k PR.  No expectations just a fun race.  Nice cool conditions perfect for running.  This was my first race two years ago and of coarse I love the wearing of the green. 

MHRR Joseph McDonald/Bill Crusie 10k

June 1,2013

A marathon Day for my B man who ran the kids race, played his Soccer game, a baseball game, went swimming at a friends house and then to a Movie Birthday party in another friends yard.  How he stayed awake I do not know!

I ran the mile race with my boys and then when my husband brought them to B's soccer game I ran the 10k.  I really enjoy this race since it is in my backyard on one of my regular routes.  But it we were in the midst of our first humid spell here in NY and this race was brutally hot.  I knew there were hills and it would be a long 6.2 miles.  I ran half the race with a nice man named who kept my head in the game and running at a good clip.  It was nice to chat and kept my mind off the heat.  They had changed the route a bit to avoid the final stretch being a hill and in my opinion made it even hillier!

 I welcomed the ice and watermelon at the finish!  Made some small talk with a fellow runner who pushed me at the end and shared my refreshing ice with her. 

Club picnic always follows this race and I had to stay for awards since I had to accept the Age group awards for my boys who were already at the ball field for the day!



Putnam County Classic 8 mile run

July 4, 2013

A Hot and Humbling race around Lake Mahopac. TOTALLY Feeling both the heat and lack of miles run this past month. Slogged thru the entire race. Water stops were plentiful and I drank and dumped one on my head at each stop.  I was more than 15 min slower than I was last year.  Not my proudest moment but this was week one of my NYC marathon training plan and I could only improve from here right!!  I really appreciated the awesome fresh bagels and Fire truck with the open hose to cool off at the end.

Freedom 5k

July 6, 2013

Well I've heard of it but never been a part of a misdirected crowd.

I was feeling good despite the heat. This was a new race for the MHRR club and it started and ended on the beautiful campus of  Vassar College.   I ran the first mile in just over 8 min. I felt good about this and kept at it even in the beating sun.  I headed into what I assumed was 2 miles and then never saw a mile marker.  Suddenly people were running at me. I assumed it was an out and back section, even tho I didn't remember one on the course map.  Then people started to say turn around. It was very confusing. I finally turned around. I am totally guessing on the mileage since we apparently missed a turn somewhere and were turned around but not quite as a group. Near the finish someone near me said he went 3.4 miles and I know I turned around further than he did. Well my goal was to be faster than Thursday and get the run in despite the heat and both were accomplished.

Disappointing not to really know how I did and once again a 5k that was not really 3.1.  That is 3 out of 4 of my 5k's this year that measure LONG! Still not a 5k fan and this does not help. 

NYRR Queens 10k

July 21, 2013

I decided since I became a member of the NYRR club to get discounts on NYRR races I should run them.  And then I decided that I should try to gain guaranteed entrance to the NYC Half next year by running 4 out of 5 of the borough races.  I already ran Manhattan in January, The Bronx is in September and Staten Island would be my 4th in October.  I could not do Brooklyn in May because it was the same day as B's Communion. 

So here I was in Mid July driving down to Queens at the crack of dawn, by myself to run a 10k.  I live close enough to drive in the day of but not multiple times to pick up my bib on a separate day.  I got there in plenty of time but they had already run out of T-shirts! The girl told me I could pick one up the following week at the RR offices.  Yeah like that helps when I don't exactly live nearby. 

photo from nyrr facebook page
This race took place following 6 straight days of an oppressive heat wave in NY that  was just beginning to break.  I was hopeful that I would be done before the sun generated too much heat for the day.   Luckily the humidity had lifted a bit or else this race might have been cancelled.  I was running this race for one reason to get my 4 out of 5 races needed.  Running through Corona Park was at times ugly and at other times as pictured here, really pretty. 

I wish I had enlisted someone to run with me because there were plenty of picture worthy sights but none of me in them. If you have seen the movie Men in Black there are several scenes that supposedly take place at the site of the Worlds Fair in the 1960's

My favorite part of this race was the open water hose at which I believe I stood directly in front of for five minutes. 

Better planning next time I will bring a friend!

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