Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thank You

5k Run For the Children of Sandy Hook

I am a mother of two children ages 7 & 9 and a School Counselor.  To say Friday hit me hard was an understatement. We let the boys sleep with us on Friday night we were so happy to have them.  Yesterday I wrote an e-mail to my boy’s school because I thought they deserved Thanks. 


I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for being a part of my children’s lives. Words cannot describe how we all have been feeling since Friday afternoon.  As I heard the news on Friday morning from my Assistant Principal I could not help but picture XXXXX School and the classrooms that my boys have been in. The first picture I saw on the internet had  a tall skinny boy with glasses in the middle of the line and it looked like my Mikey. It really hit me.   But at the end of that line I could see a teacher, someone those kids can count on when everything did not make sense. The teachers that brought them to safety.    

My entire career as an educator has taken place post Columbine.  At the high school level I have unfortunately run the scenarios in my mind countless times. Knowing there is always the possibility that a crisis might arise and a split second decision would have to be made.  I have thought about how many kids I could squeeze into my office and even under my desk.  Never have I thought about it happening in an elementary school.  I am a member of my school CERT team.  I have prepared and taken part of lock down, lock out, hold in place and emergency evacuation drills.  Most of the time I am annoyed that the young adults in this building don’t take them seriously enough. When my husband and I spoke to the boys this weekend, there were so many things that we worried about.   I was happy to hear that my boys knew what to do in a lock down and a number of other scenarios that have been practiced.  Xxxxx has been a wonderful place for Michael and Brendan. It means a great deal to me that my children feel safe while they are at school, and they do.  You are all to thank for that. 

Thank You for the teaching them to read and learn math.  Thank you for your call and emails of concern when they seem a bit off.  Thank You for the calls when erasers “fall” into someone’s ear.   Thank you for listening to a mom’s concerns.   But mostly Thank YOU for keeping my boys safe every day. 

I know so many teachers, administrators, nurses and aides that deserve the same thanks.  This could have happened anywhere. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Knight of Columbus Holiday Run

After some dismally low miles in November I was determined to start December off and running again. 

ON December 1st, for the third year in a row I signed myself up for the Knights of Columbus holiday run.  It starts off just a mile away and is one of my regular routes.  The one I call "Five mile race the school bus" .   

This year the boys decided that they would like to run the kids race and I couldn’t be happier.  Mikey had recruited his BFF Dom to run with him and Brenny was going to be running his first one mile run ever. 

Pete placed a little wager in front of B.  He challenged him to beat his older brother and his friend.  The Prize was $5 from Daddy.   

Brenny in the Red, Mikey a Blur in Black out ahead early.
 The boys took off in a flash and headed through the neighborhood streets.  I handed off my jacket to Pete and took a loop to warm up and to meet up with the boys as they came into the finish.  Mikey’s friend was struggling a bit and they had slowed to a walk.  As soon as B saw me he ran to meet me and I knew he was determined to win the five dollars his father promised him.  He finished in less than 9 minutes!  First in his age group too. 
I had a nice run too. It was a nice cool day.  Perfect for running and I felt good despite very few miles in the past month.  Its always amazing how fast you can be in a race.  No PR but I did improve my time from the Turkey Trot by two minutes!  And then there is this picture of me flying along the creek.  It might be the socks.  I don't know.  Just sayin.
Photo credit Charlotte Kopp

Monday, November 12, 2012

Moving on

I did not run a marathon on November 4th as planned but I took a week off anyway.  That’s right; I have not run in seven whole days! I just did not want to.  It feels weird.  I can’t say when the last time was that I went a whole week without running.  Two three days tops is the most I have taken off and most of that time I spent thinking of how to make up the miles I was missing.  I think I was physically and mentally exhausted.  I was ready to run NYC.  Well rested due to school being cancelled for the week after the hurricane.  The mental exhaustion was intensified in the days leading up to the marathon.  The continued coverage of the devastation on Staten Island, the realization that this race might be the wrong thing to do right now.  As the 5:00 news broke the news of its cancellation I was both crushed and relieved that it was called.  Sure my money and training were wasted but I was in my warm, lighted house with my family safe and sound.  Whole houses were washed away!  My parents were spending the weekend at my house because they along with thousands of others still did not have any power. 

I combed the house for clothes to donate.  My children do not need all the sweaters and sweatshirts that they have in their closets when they continually wear the same one over and over.  Same goes for me.  I went through my closet thinking about how people have nothing left.  It was something small I could do immediately.  It really makes you think about all the “stuff” we have in our lives that we really don’t need. 

I ran on Sunday the 4th.   
My dailymile entry from that day pretty much sums it all up. 

Dutchess Rail Trail 12 mi 01:57 09:44 pace

This was not the New York City Marathon and that is OK. Met Beth over at the rail trail wearing my Orange NYC Marathon shirt thinking about the possibility of running 26. Pete called me about three miles in and said he and Mikey were on their way home from camping. I made the decision then that I would finish whenever Beth did and get home to my family. They are more important things than another two hours out on the trail today. I am closing the books on this cycle and going to move forward content with today’s miles.

Silver lining: Halloween visit to my son's class party since my school was still out. 
So yes I did run a lot this summer and did NOT end up racing the full 26.2 in the end but it is what it is.  Moving on to better things.   I will lace up later on, grab a dog and enjoy this beautiful day out on the road.   

My turkey trot awaits in less than two weeks.  Maybe I should consider the 25k instead of the 5 mile this year? 
Who knows if a spring Marathon will be on my agenda or if I will wait until NYC 2013 to conquer 26.2 again.  The goal for the immediate future is to get back out on the road, learn to enjoy some cross training and most importantly stay healthy. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New York?

I am a New Yorker.  I have lived my whole life in Suburban NY.  The Big Apple has always been just a short car or train ride away.   I do NOT Live Upstate Jim Cantore, just about an hour outside the city.  But after these past few days it is clear that I am not close at all.  We were extremely lucky after Super Storm Sandy.  We spent all day Monday glued to the Weather Channel watching the storm’s path, waiting to see where it would make landfall.  They kept saying this storm was not going to be about the rain but about the wind and the storm surge.  For us that meant the usual power outage that we were prepared for and to my husband’s delight we would hopefully not take on any water in the basement. 
We were glued to that TV watching the coverage in disbelief realizing the brunt was most likely going to go right around us.  We watched until the power went out at 10:30.  We were amazed it stayed on that long.  Waking up on Tuesday I was prepared for a long day of reading and stovetop gas cooking for me and DS playing for the boys.  But only two pages into my book, we heard a click, looked up to see the display on the cable box and it was displaying the time!  UNREAL.  How was this possible?  We always lose power and we usually lose it for days!  I think the boys were disappointed that there was power.  They were looking forward to unrestricted hand held video game playing.  They did not realize the potential devastation we had missed.  I was relieved to not lose any food and to be able to flush the toilet. Then we started to watch TV again. 

HOLY COW!   Roller Coasters washed into the ocean!  Subway system out.   Streets flooded all over the television.  The Surge for sure was the main issue!  Once again I was glad we live where we do.  Far enough from the coast and high enough over the Hudson River.  

Deserted station yesterday, just a mile from my house
My sister sent me a text that morning asking if we had power.  Then she said “What is going to happen with the Marathon on Sunday”?  I had not really thought about it.  It was Tuesday and this is New Your we are talking about.  The race does not take place in Lower Manhattan.   But then I thought about it further.  The subway system?  Parts of Brooklyn and Queens that are low lying.   Will it happen? Who Knows?  If you read any of the comments on the New York Times or even several facebook groups you will find that there are people with really strong opinions about this upcoming race.  Some say no way it should be run because resources are needed elsewhere.  Others talk about the need for the influx of money spent in the area because of the event.   It is disrespectful to the people of NY to run it.  It is disrespectful to the people of NY not to run it.  I live local.   Have the luxury of waiting and seeing what decision will be made about this now controversial race.   My plan was to take my son to his soccer game and then pick up my bib on Saturday, sleep and make my way to the start.  I can’t imagine having travel plans, hotel reservations and nonrefundable everything.  I understand that there are a lot of issues here.  I feel so disconnected from it even being so close.  Right now a third "snow" day from school feels weird since everything here in my immediate area is normal.   
I think I will be running on Sunday but it will certainly not be the same race it was expected to be. If for some reason it does not run I will be very dissapointed but putting it in perspective I really do not have the right. 

Wait and see. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm Day

It’s Monday and I am not at work.  I am not writting letters for the November 1st Early college deadline.  I am sitting on my couch waiting for the Frankenstorm to hit.  I have canned food, water and candles ready.  I am watching the weather channel and waiting for the power to go out.  But I can’t help but notice the weather beyond this storm for Sunday is sunny and low 50’s !  (I am not weather stalking, I just happen to live just north of NYC and they keep showing the seven day forecast).  OMG could it be better in NY for me to run 26.2? I think not!
Oh but guess what?  My knee hurts.  it hurts alot. That’s fun with six days until the marathon! I see alot of ice in my future.  Not coming from the sky but in the form of ice packs on my knee.  Lucky for me I bought 8 bags of ice in preparation for this storm.  Hopefully the pain will go away when Hurricane Sandy does and nothing including my home and knee will be worse for the wear.  Until then I hope everyone in Sandy’s path is safe and you all have a Happy Halloween. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Run the Farm 5 mile Trail Race

I will say it right up front.  I don’t know what I was thinking signing up for a trail race just two weeks before the New York City Marathon but I did. 
If you have not run a trail race it involves; running up rocky, rooty, leaf covered trails. There is mud, there are downed trees, there are boulders and single track paths.  Sometimes there are foot bridges, open meadows and hills that seem almost vertical.  It takes constant mental as well as physical concentration to constantly scan the ground ahead of you and quickly react to the inevitable trip and then perform the “catch yourself before you face plant dance or break something” move.  The amount of times this happens over the course of the run is amazing.  Standing at the finish line seeing bloody knees and limping bodies you can spot those who tripped and didn’t quite ”stick the landing”. 

So why the hell would anyone do this?  Well because it is SO much fun! 

I ran my first and only trail race last spring.  The leathermans Loop was a 10k with two waist high water crossings and a mud bog that claimed over a dozen sneakers and made you laugh as you tried to wade through the mess.  

I knew these possibilities going in and I did it anyway.  Run the Farm is the “Sister Race” to the Loop.  No river crossings, seemed much tamer when I heard about it.  I did not run it last fall because I did not know how I would feel one week after my first marathon.  I really wanted to do it this year.  So I registered.  It was a beautiful day.  Thankfully minimal mud and wet leaves. 

You start in the barn yard of the farm, running right past the animals into the woods.  There are no mile markers and water stops.  Instead there is bag piper playing by a lake and Deer and rabbits running right with you.   You run up and down the trail, looking for the opportunity to pass the person in front of you while not twisting your ankle.  You hurdle trees and carefully straddle rock walls.  Spectators only appear in the last half mile as you reenter the working farm and are greeted by the turkeys and pigs as well as the kids lining up to give you high fives.  You are happy with a ten minute pace for the first time in years, knowing that trail race distances hold PR times all their own.    

 Luckily I came out of the race without a scratch.  Hopefully I didn’t tempt fate and I get through these next two weeks healthy.  Trail running is on the back burner until after November 4thbut I think it gave me that boost I need to get through these last two weeks before the marathon.   

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Poorly Executed Long Run That Went Wrong

I had every intention of running this long run in its entirety in one shot.  My last two long runs were broken up due to necessity and I really wanted to get 22 solid miles in as my last long run before NYC.  I even made a point of letting my husband know that I’d be taking longer on Sunday than usual so that he could move his usual 10am client to later.  We would be going to his mother’s house later that day and I would not have to cook after 20+ miles.  Nice plan.  Going into last week I felt good knowing I took care of that detail.    

I am busy.  I am sometimes scattered.  I like to “wing it” rather than plan too much.  I squeeze my runs in everywhere.  At times this backfires. 

Wednesday I ran from the church after I dropped my boys off at religion.  I pick up sweaty and disheveled but hey I’m not looking to impress anyone.  Thursdays plan was similar except the location was from the ballfield. I figured I had a good solid hour to run maybe more before I had to take one of the boys to scouts.   I felt good.  Not behind on any miles for the week at all.  But then things out of my control, namely my own flesh and blood started to mess with my planned time. 

It Sounded something like this:

Daddy: “Get ready for practice".

Five minutes pass Boys are in the center of the roomhalf naked, surrounded by sports apparel

Me: “Get you stuff together so we can go”. 

B: “Mommy where are my baseball pants”?

Me: “I don’t know, where did you take them off”?

MJ: “ I can’t find my cup”!

Me: “Well I know I didn’t wear that”!

Daddy: “ What the heck are you two doing?  Why are you not dressed”? 

Both boys: “I can’t find my…..”

Daddy:”Well it’s your loss.  The later we get there, the less time you have to practice”!

(Selfish panic moment set in, I want my hour to run!)


I ended up only having a half hour!! I was pissed.  I ran out fifteen minutes and back fifteen.  I grabbed MJ from the field and headed out into traffic across town to his cub scout meeting.  When we arrived at his meeting he was grumpy and I was annoyed.  As the meeting went on they discussed the upcoming weekend trip.  I was excited to spend some one on one time with Michael.  At the end of the meeting I asked his leader what time we needed to leave on Saturday.  She looked at me and said “We are going on Sunday.  My son was so happy.   “Now I don’t have to miss my game”! 

Me, notsomuch  OMG!! WTF!!  How did I miss that?   How was I going to run 22 miles, be showered and changed and to our destination 40 minutes away by noon?  No way I could drive over to the trail to meet Beth.  Forget the ice bath, stopping at the house to refuel will take time too!   Aaack  !!  The sun does not rise until 6:45 am these days!! 

I’d figure something out.  Maybe Pete would go with him. 

Saturday was a long full day of sports followed by the visit to my mother in law that we moved to Saturday due to the trip.  She was making meatloaf and home fries.  Nice after a cold day on the baseball field but not exactly the carbo-loading I was looking for.  I hadn’t given what I’d eat too much thought throughout the day.  Not good.  So much for the “dress rehearsal “ aspect of the last long run.  I ate trying to convince myself it would have to do and I enjoyed the apple pie too

When my alarm went off at 6am it was pitch dark and pouring.  I snoozed a few times and hoped the sun would come up each time I opened my eyes.  By 6:45 I was up and getting dressed but it was still so dark.  By the time the dog and I got out the door it was 7:10. I ran and ran.  Self talk and chatter, Calculating my route in my head.  How far should I go before I head home with the dog?  Am I actually going to go far enough that I should take a gel this morning? How many can I really fit in?  I was home at nine miles, quick pit stop and dog switch and I was off on a shorter loop.  Wookiee can’t run as far as Calli so would have to go back to the house again.  Then what direction should I run?  Damn it I need to get sandwiches for today!  I will never have time.  What is this?  Almost twelve if I head home now.  Wait, 12 now and ten later could work right?  Yes that sounds good go home now shower and get what you need to get done and not run around late like a crazy person.   That works. Good it’s a plan.  At least I am more than halfway done right?  Not ideal but it will work. 

So I went out and helped my scout earn his Naturalist badge on a beautiful sunny October day.  I came home and made dinner.  It was dark by the time I was ready to hit the treadmill for some on demand episodes of Revolution and Parenthood. 

But guess who didn’t want to run for ten miles?  Guess who did not want to work at all?  MY TREADMILL!!!! What the HELL!!  It was on.  It was making a funny sound but that is it. 

I call a Do OVER!!! 

Now what do I do?  My husband the lapsed Strength and Conditioning specialist and non runner says it’s no big deal It’s not like I am going to be “graded on an assignment” and I have been running plenty.  He does NOT. GET. IT. 

I think I might attempt a do over tomorrow.   The boys have no scheduled activities.  Pete is home to get them off the bus. 

What would you do?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My third Dutchess County Classic

A half marathon located seven miles away just has to be run.  Its local, it’s cheap and this year they had ladies cut tech shirts.   But just like this past spring I found myself in a mileage dilemma.  My training schedule called for 22 miles.  This time through I am really committed to running my long runs as they are on the plan.  I want to run the full number not just two twenty milers.  I know it has been said that you can race a hard half and call it a day but this time I was determined. 

So on Sunday I got up at 5:30 and headed over to pick Beth up at her house.  Or as it is known on that day, “Mile Nine”.  We arrived early and headed in to pick up our packets and then back to the car to chat.  We had nearly two hours until the start. My plan was to do a three mile warm up, run the race and complete the remaining six miles after the race.  I headed over to the track to run for about a half hour and then back to the car to get Beth, hit the potties and jog around the start.  We squeezed our way between the 8 and 9 minute pace signs.  I told Beth she should have no trouble with her sub two hour goal and we were off. 

This year the race started with the 5k started at the same time.  This made for some initial congestion but was necessary as they had to temporarily close down a major roadway for the 1200 runners to cross.  Luckily it broke up sooner than I thought it would and after the first mile we split.

It’s funny how race adrenaline kicks in and makes your race pace feel right.  The two mile marker was the first one I saw and I was amazed to look down at 16 minutes exactly.  The miles clicked by and I found myself on the familiar shaded roads near the little league ballpark my boys play at.  I have run here many times during long practices.  I took a gu at mile 5 (really 8 for the day) I don’t usually take anything during a half but I kept my total mileage in mind.  With each mile marker my pace continued in multiples of 8.  I was maintaining my PR pace and I felt great.  Around mile seven I was in full sun.  I had decided to try to run without my fuel belt during this race because I knew there were plenty of water stops.  I was taking either water or Gatorade at each station.  So far so good.  No regrets about not wearing the fuel belt.   I kept thinking about my pace.  How am I able to maintain it?  How does my body keep it consistent?  How many miles left?  Just after the nine mile marker I looked up and saw Beth’s family.  All four of them decked out in their Sunday best; Jets jerseys.  I gave them a huge wave and soldiered on to the final four miles of the race.  I started to doubt my ability to maintain my pace.  I knew I had time in the bank but I really wanted that PR.  After the eleven mile marker we headed down a residential street for a short out and back to make up a bit of mileage due to the course change.  I found that annoying so close to the end of the race. 

Random thoughts like “why the hell do I do this”, popped in and out of my mind.  I could feel the salt from my sweat drying on my face. I gave the last two miles everything I had and kept telling myself that I had less than 15 minutes of running left. 

As I headed down toward the finish I saw that a PR was a possibility.  The reality was I was one second slower! I was kind of disappointed since I thought this course was not as hilly as Danbury back in April.  Was it the warm weather?  Was it my recent increase in treadmill running?  I did not let myself dwell on it but it is something to consider. 

A 1:46:58 Half finish is still a great time!

I collected my medal, downed some Gatorade and walked back to the car to send my family a text and get out of my sneakers.  I made it back to the finish just as Beth crossed the finish at 1:59:35! Mission accomplished!

We grabbed some food and then I dropped her off at home.  Back at my house the boys were up and ready to go.  I still had those six additional miles to consider and as it turned out I would find myself back on the race course just outside the ball field during Mikey’s practice that just a few short hours later.  A very choppy 22 miles but completed nonetheless!

Thank Goodness I work at a Public school and had the next two days off because man was I tired.  And my legs well, they were shot !

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The summer is over that I can say for sure.  School started today and the daily routine and nighttime chaos has begun.   What happened to the relaxation of summer?

The past three weeks are a blur.

Day camp ended and Fall Baseball started.  The boys are now on separate teams.   I found myself at the ball field six out of seven days one week.  The miles were run perfectly and adjusted perfectly to the NYC goal. 

 We went on a vacation that had the beach, Roller Coasters, Waterslides and two professional Baseball games.  Runner vacation fail? Well I ran three out of four planned days  but not nearly the miles I wanted.  Not a complete loss considering the physical activities that happened in their place but still a bummer in the back of my mind.  I did run through the streets of historic Philadelphia and mad was that cool!

My brother visited from out west and the cousins had a blast playing together.  Thousands of pictures were taken of six cute kids.  Rarely was an adult in a picture.  Labor day weekend BBQ’s were numerous and many old friends were seen.  Adjustments were made to miles run but they were completed.  I got actually got my Labor Day five mile run done on Friday since my son’s and two nieces gifted me with sleeping in after the sleepover at my house!

So much fun Jammed into a small period of time.  So exhausting.   But I capped the long weekend off with a twenty miler anyway.  I used ten of those miles as my Labor Day tenmiler.  Man was I ever grateful for the Monday off before starting my new school year. 

Now I readjust to the afternoon running.  The small window of opportunity I have to run between getting home from work and the school bus returning my children to me.  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Adjusting the Fall Marathon

 So on July 4th I ran a race with a local club.  It was an eight mile race in a nice neighborhood around a lake. I ran to Target on the third to buy some red shorts.   I neglected to write a race recap ( As I have also not done since March.  Ooops ,that’s five races).  It was humid but nice.  I ran into some friends from High School and met their little ones.  After the race I met a daily mile friend and bumped into a parent from the school I work at.  He introduced me to a few people and we chatted about his daughter, her college and running.  A week later when I went into work I had an e-mail from him asking a little more about my running plans and wishing me a good training season.  That was nice.  Did I mention that he works for ING? Well he does and guess what? Three weeks later he contacts me again…..They have their own family and friends lottery which he asked if I’d like to be entered!  No promises but a possible spot.  Hey I’m training for Hartford anyway. YES PLEASE!  This past Wednesday I got a call from Him and the good news. 

On November 4th I will be running the streets of all five boroughs of

New York City!  

I was driving to pick my kids up from my parent’s house.  I ran in the house to find a counter and sink being installed and my mother pulling her hair out.  I asked her where the computer was and took my nine month old niece out of her hands.  And there it was in my inbox, an invitation to run with team ING! Thanks to my previous lottery entry NYRR had all my info and within a few clicks I was receiving the confirmation e-mail to my phone!  I had to post above picture to face book of coarse too.  Baby girl drooled on my lap with delight.  I turned and told my father I expected him to pick out a good spot to cheer from the Bronx, cause I was running!
Commence operation pick up the boys and race to Michael’s baseball practice realizing his bat and helmet and glove were in the other car at the shop…… and there we were back to reality. 


Now I have adjusted my training back by three weeks (so much for that shorter traingin cycle I was hoping for) and realize that my vacation runs will be much better next week.  No 22 mile run the day after driving home from a Phillies night game?  Thank You!  Also, Hartford can still be run as a training run since it falls on my last long run week and calls for 26 miles.  Gotta think about that. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good bye Olympic Games

The Olympics are over tonight.  I love watching the Olympics.   I look forward to not only the events but the athlete profiles.  But man, I.  AM. TIRED!!  They have been keeping me up til midnight for the past two weeks.  They have kept my attention despite sometimes knowing who wins the gold.  They have me in awe.  They have me motivated.  At times I was surprised.  Who the heck knew there was Olympic Trampoline? They make it hard to get out of bed at 5:45 to run or get to work by 7.  It’s a good thing this only happens every few years.

I had a great time participating in Virtual Track Star.  I loved finding out how my time compares to the Olympians.  Apparently I would need to improve my 10k time by 19 minutes to make the next Olympic team.  That is insane!  Unfortunately due to the crazy humidity this week I never held the track meet for the kids I intended and did most of the short distances on the treadmill.  There was a lot of sweat and breathlessness. 

This morning I completed the Marathon portion with a twenty miler at 6am to avoid the heat.  I met my friend Beth and we ran the first 12 miles together. I ran the entire 17 mile trail and repeated a mile and a half out a back section to make up the difference.  I park in the middle of the trail and refilled my water two times.  Summer running in the northeast can be difficult.  I don’t know how you southerners do it month after month. 
Before my icebath I had my son take my picture with my score card.  Can you tell that my braids are dripping with sweat?  I peeled my clothes off and put them in the washer immediately. 

Happy, restful, Olympic free sleeping folks.  

Guess what? Now it’s Shark Week!  My husband is already watching.  I hope I don’t get sucked into that.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Look at me! Blogging yet again in July.  Can you tell I don't work full time in the summer? AND, my running thoughts increase along with my miles. 

Yesterday I ran 18 miles in the morning and then sat in the Beacher seats at Yankee Stadium for over five hours!  Yikes. I wore jeans so that I could wear compression socks and not commit a fashion Fau pax. 

ON the upside there was free food and icecream at the Yankees Universe event we attended since my boys are members of the club so that hit the spot after and 18 mile morning!  

 I felt hung over this morning when I woke up and I swear I did NOT have even one $9 beer at the park.

I wanted to share two virtual events I am participating in. 

First being caught up in the Summer Olympics hype I am very excited to participate in Run with Jess Virtual Track Star.  I realize I will never be an olymipic gymnast or participate in Water Polo.  Running as fast as I can.  Already there!  Thanks Jess!

There are still a few days before the running events begin so if you have not already signed up check it out here! http://www.runwithjess.com/2012/07/2012-virtual-olympics.html

The Second even happens in September.  Laura over at Mommy Run Fast is hosting a 5 and 10 mile race for Labor Day.  

For me Labor Day became significant in 2005 when I gave birth ON Labor day.  LOL's all around when they announced that at school. 

But ever since then I have loved the long run that happens on that day thinking how far I have come.  I am signing up for the ten mile.  It might be part of a longer run that day.  We shall see how the plan pans out with the numbers that weekend.  Go take a look at http://www.mommyrunfast.com/labordayvirtualrun

Well off to pick up the boys at Baseball camp at the Minor League Stadium.  Then guess what? Another Ball game!

Its all Baseball, Hot dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet over here this summer.  Wait.  I didn't get a pie.  Just all that other stuff.  Anyone seen my Apple Pie?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Garage Treadmill

This morning, Saturday is a work day for Pete.  I either got up early and ran or tread -milled it.  Since I love the Olympics and stayed up to watch the entire opening ceremony the later was the obvious choice.  But when I finally got myself up and out to the garage the machine had become the Dreadmill.  Don't get me wrong. I am soooooo grateful that my husband and his brother fixed it for me two months ago.   BUT it is just hard for me to run easy with the numbers right in front of me.  I only had three miles on the plan.  Anything longer would not fly.  

So out there among the golf clubs, baseball bats, tool box,bikes and the recycling I played with the speed to decrease the monotony.  It’s the only way to go for me since the view is limited. 

Usually my outside runs get me to the Hudson River with views like these. 
So maybe I am just spoiled. 

Fingers crossed for the AM weather tomorrow.  I plan on 18 miles before heading down to the Bronx for the Yanks-Sox game. 

Happy weekend Everyone!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Images from my Summer So Far

Hudson Valley Renegades-
Minor league team 5miles from home

July 4th -Eight Mile race

Wool Sweater+cold water & ice = Ahhhh

Fall Marathon Decisions

When I didn't get into the NYC Marathon by lottery I thought two things. 

1) five min faster on my marathon time gets me in next year without the lottery
2) I  still want to run another full this year. 

But after the Long Island Marathon I eased up on the miles. 

Me in the purple.  Third place out of the gates!

Ran a huge PR (and a 5th place overall finish) in a Women's race.  Then ran 42 days in a row with no plan other than the #RWRunStreak and completing 100 miles in June.  Two weeks ago I realized if I wanted to run anything I had to get myself into gear and get building the miles.  I was way behind!

I have decided that I will run the Hartford marathon in October.  It met my simple requirements: Its close enough to drive to that day. 
I hemmed and hawed over doing some others but the fact is it is hard to commit to a weekend when boys weekend activities are crazy.  I just registered both boys for fall baseball.  They both do Cub Scouts.  B also plays soccer.  I am tired just thinking about September-November around here.   I have figured out how to squeeze all my training in but I don’t like missing more of their “stuff” than I have to.  Mommy guilt I guess. 
 So I launched into a training plan.  Hit fast forward and landed myself comfortably at 15 miles this past Saturday, before my son’s sleepover party!  Talk about being tired!

I had been running 25-30 miles since the June run streak and had some good long runs.  I am looking at 12 weeks of following a plan.  A twenty week marathon training plan is simply too long for me.   This past Spring I was done by week 16.  Ready for the marathon.  I was tired of the plan.  The mocking daily e-mail reminders of what I need to do before the end of the day. I promised myself I would not torture myself.  Well since I finally decided on a marathon and its closer than 20 weeks mission accomplished! 
Marathon # 3 here I come!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Schools out and a run streak


So, It looks like the Summer has started for real. In addition to these two knuckel heads finishing school today the Classic "Hazy,Hot and Humid" NY weather has begun.
Yesterday I spent an hour in the yard shooting them with the hose and we spontaneously ended up creating their new favorite game "Hoseball" All it took was the powerwash setting of the hose and two waffle ball bats and suddenly we were counting how many consecutive "hits" these two would alternately make. For these two baseball obsessed freaks it was great. They were cool, working on their swing and hitting me with water in the process! Now if only they could do that while I ran.

This heat wave would keep me from running under normal circumstances but back on Memorial day weekend all the twitter chatter about the #RWRunStreak-Runners World Run Streak had me intrigued. I have not been following any plan since the marathon in early May and I don’t have any solid plans for the near future yet so I thought what the heck.   It started on Memorial Day but I ran that whole weekend, so right now I have run at least one mile for the past 25 days! For me that is huge.  I love my rest days.  I didn’t think I could do without them.    

But I have learned a few things that will stick with me. 
·         I can fit in a few miles even on my long and never ending Mondays
·         Just because we are throwing a party does not mean I can't run that day.
·         No matter how much deoderant you put on, there is a point when it just stops working. 
·         Running my 1.23 mile route with both dogs at night doubles as the “poopwalk”
·         Quizzing Michael on his times tables is possible from the treadmill
·         Speedy miles on the treadmill can be bearable, sweaty and somehow fun. 
·         Running during baseball practice is acceptable.  They don’t seem to know I am there anyway!
·         After a few 1 mile days I really appreciate the longer runs outside. 
·         Reusing running clothes more than once before you wash them is a must!
·         The repair of my long lost treadmill is KEY to me being able to continue this streak.  Note to self: No longer can I complain that Pete is not home so I can’t run. 
·         One mile turns into 3 or more on a night I eat this homemade Oreo Ice cream cake.

· Excuses are easy to come up with but you don’t always need them. Time is short but there is always a way to fit it in.

Anyone out there on dailymile?  Are we friends?  I obviously post more often there than here but I hope to change that this summer!