Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New York?

I am a New Yorker.  I have lived my whole life in Suburban NY.  The Big Apple has always been just a short car or train ride away.   I do NOT Live Upstate Jim Cantore, just about an hour outside the city.  But after these past few days it is clear that I am not close at all.  We were extremely lucky after Super Storm Sandy.  We spent all day Monday glued to the Weather Channel watching the storm’s path, waiting to see where it would make landfall.  They kept saying this storm was not going to be about the rain but about the wind and the storm surge.  For us that meant the usual power outage that we were prepared for and to my husband’s delight we would hopefully not take on any water in the basement. 
We were glued to that TV watching the coverage in disbelief realizing the brunt was most likely going to go right around us.  We watched until the power went out at 10:30.  We were amazed it stayed on that long.  Waking up on Tuesday I was prepared for a long day of reading and stovetop gas cooking for me and DS playing for the boys.  But only two pages into my book, we heard a click, looked up to see the display on the cable box and it was displaying the time!  UNREAL.  How was this possible?  We always lose power and we usually lose it for days!  I think the boys were disappointed that there was power.  They were looking forward to unrestricted hand held video game playing.  They did not realize the potential devastation we had missed.  I was relieved to not lose any food and to be able to flush the toilet. Then we started to watch TV again. 

HOLY COW!   Roller Coasters washed into the ocean!  Subway system out.   Streets flooded all over the television.  The Surge for sure was the main issue!  Once again I was glad we live where we do.  Far enough from the coast and high enough over the Hudson River.  

Deserted station yesterday, just a mile from my house
My sister sent me a text that morning asking if we had power.  Then she said “What is going to happen with the Marathon on Sunday”?  I had not really thought about it.  It was Tuesday and this is New Your we are talking about.  The race does not take place in Lower Manhattan.   But then I thought about it further.  The subway system?  Parts of Brooklyn and Queens that are low lying.   Will it happen? Who Knows?  If you read any of the comments on the New York Times or even several facebook groups you will find that there are people with really strong opinions about this upcoming race.  Some say no way it should be run because resources are needed elsewhere.  Others talk about the need for the influx of money spent in the area because of the event.   It is disrespectful to the people of NY to run it.  It is disrespectful to the people of NY not to run it.  I live local.   Have the luxury of waiting and seeing what decision will be made about this now controversial race.   My plan was to take my son to his soccer game and then pick up my bib on Saturday, sleep and make my way to the start.  I can’t imagine having travel plans, hotel reservations and nonrefundable everything.  I understand that there are a lot of issues here.  I feel so disconnected from it even being so close.  Right now a third "snow" day from school feels weird since everything here in my immediate area is normal.   
I think I will be running on Sunday but it will certainly not be the same race it was expected to be. If for some reason it does not run I will be very dissapointed but putting it in perspective I really do not have the right. 

Wait and see. 

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