Monday, November 12, 2012

Moving on

I did not run a marathon on November 4th as planned but I took a week off anyway.  That’s right; I have not run in seven whole days! I just did not want to.  It feels weird.  I can’t say when the last time was that I went a whole week without running.  Two three days tops is the most I have taken off and most of that time I spent thinking of how to make up the miles I was missing.  I think I was physically and mentally exhausted.  I was ready to run NYC.  Well rested due to school being cancelled for the week after the hurricane.  The mental exhaustion was intensified in the days leading up to the marathon.  The continued coverage of the devastation on Staten Island, the realization that this race might be the wrong thing to do right now.  As the 5:00 news broke the news of its cancellation I was both crushed and relieved that it was called.  Sure my money and training were wasted but I was in my warm, lighted house with my family safe and sound.  Whole houses were washed away!  My parents were spending the weekend at my house because they along with thousands of others still did not have any power. 

I combed the house for clothes to donate.  My children do not need all the sweaters and sweatshirts that they have in their closets when they continually wear the same one over and over.  Same goes for me.  I went through my closet thinking about how people have nothing left.  It was something small I could do immediately.  It really makes you think about all the “stuff” we have in our lives that we really don’t need. 

I ran on Sunday the 4th.   
My dailymile entry from that day pretty much sums it all up. 

Dutchess Rail Trail 12 mi 01:57 09:44 pace

This was not the New York City Marathon and that is OK. Met Beth over at the rail trail wearing my Orange NYC Marathon shirt thinking about the possibility of running 26. Pete called me about three miles in and said he and Mikey were on their way home from camping. I made the decision then that I would finish whenever Beth did and get home to my family. They are more important things than another two hours out on the trail today. I am closing the books on this cycle and going to move forward content with today’s miles.

Silver lining: Halloween visit to my son's class party since my school was still out. 
So yes I did run a lot this summer and did NOT end up racing the full 26.2 in the end but it is what it is.  Moving on to better things.   I will lace up later on, grab a dog and enjoy this beautiful day out on the road.   

My turkey trot awaits in less than two weeks.  Maybe I should consider the 25k instead of the 5 mile this year? 
Who knows if a spring Marathon will be on my agenda or if I will wait until NYC 2013 to conquer 26.2 again.  The goal for the immediate future is to get back out on the road, learn to enjoy some cross training and most importantly stay healthy.