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Running 2013 so far April and May 5k's

A good amount of time was spent
this spring as a baseball mom.

Running 2013 so far

As I mentioned in my Superhero Half race report my training was not strong in the first half of this year.  I ran when I had the time and thoughts of running did not consume me. I would think about it and in my head say "I really should run today".  But most times I did not.  There were many Sunday mornings when I simply just slept instead of running.  Perhaps this was a sign I needed a break or perhaps I just didn't mind if I didn't run.  I kept my race calendar full and enjoyed several small local runs despite my lack of training. 

5k's are not my thing but apparently this is the year I am to run a bunch of them. 

Healthy on the Hudson 5k
I was roped into a 5k by the AP at my school.  She knows I am a runner and there was no baseball game scheduled that day so it was hard to say I could not do it.  She had recruited a group of us to run as team knee socks.  I had absolutely no expectations for this race except to have fun and be a part of the school community that I work in.  This race was exactly that, plus it was not measured out correctly it was defiantly longer than 5k. Minor frustration, but the point is,I ran, I socialized and I wore my blue school spirited blue socks.  I left soon after the race to go to my son's baseball practice and did not stay for the booths and awards.  Apparently I should have because I received a text from a teacher friend who told me I came in third my age group!

Jailbreak for Home 5k
We live 5 miles away from both a Prison and Minor League Baseball Stadium.  For years I had been hearing about this race on the radio and this year on the Pitch for Kids facebook page.  It is a charity run that starts out just outside the prison gate and loops through some neighborhoods over to the ballpark warning track, down the third baseline with the finish line being home plate itself.  I was able to manage my kids morning activities in such a way that I could attend this event this year. 
It was a crazy hot day and again 5ks are not my fave.  But the atmosphere was great!  I met up with my new running friend Michele and we hopped the bus to the prison and hoped for the best.  I ran my heart out as the sun beat down on me and had a good time.  I had to hightail it out of there once again to tend to my normal Mommy duties.  I looked for picture on their facebook page and saw the distance issue.  Measured as 3.2 the day before.  Ooops once again a 5k that was too long.  As I checked the results later in the day lo and behold I once again place in my age group!  A week later I received an envelope in the mail with a medal and a $50 gift certificate for a salon!  Nice prize! This along with all the other freebies included in that race registration was well worth it. 

MHRR Woman's races 5k
There was no way I was going to run this race.  My son had his communion at 11am this day and the Superhero half was the next day.  I was bummed because I ran the inaugural race 10k last year and PR'd in a big way.  I During the week leading up to the race I was texting back and forth with Beth. 

H:I'm thinking about the 5k.  It would be less than a half hour.  Should be able to be home by 9:45
B: U r right.  should not take that long.  What time is the church?
H:  11. he needs to be there by 10:30.  No way I could do the 10k be cutting it too close
B: do it.  I will too. yes 10k too close. 
H: how long do you think it would take me to get dressed for the church
B: y'll b fine. 

And so it was that I found myself up and out the door on a harried morning to run another 5k. 
5k race out and back on part of my regular rail trail route. Got myself the pretty purple women's cut tech t-shirt and lined up to run.  We started out about 5 min late after the 10k began and man was I sweating that!  This race was measured out by the local Road runners club and I was pretty confident that it was in fact a legitimate 5k course.

All in all it was great and I made it to the church for my B on time!

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