Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School is in Session

Rememberthe first day of school and wanting to change your lunch period to be with all your friends and then changing your mind because the cute guy from last year’s English class is in the class you would have to change to do that?  Yeah, multiply that indecisiveness by 150 and add the immediacy and urgency of e-mail and the self-centeredness of adolescence and it’s not so cool on the other side.  GGGRRRrrrrrrrr!  The school year only started yesterday and already I feel the stress of it all full force!  Occupational hazard of a High School Counselor I suppose. 
All day yesterday I went from meeting to meeting while my 50+ emails remained unanswered all I could think about was, how I wanted to run away.  Run quick and fast into the rain away from the people pulling me in multiple directions. 
As I drove home and then waited for the school bus, work still incomplete, I continued to think about “Man I want be outside in that pouring rain running”!  I thought about it while I asked the boys what they wanted to eat and how their day was.  (Six and eight year old boys don’t share much about their day).   I thought about it as I filled out two sets of emergency contact cards, computer use policy and code of conduct sheets. (Apparently first day of school homework in elementary school involves lots of homework for Mommy).

The Wookie and Calli Girl waiting for the bus last year. 

 So at 7pm I left the three men in my life to the ball game on TV and took Calli Girl ,the puppy dog out intent on splashing thru puddles.  A quick wet three miles made up what was supposed to be track speed work.   I ran in the house for a drink and then a quick dog switcheroo, me and The Wookiee dog were out enjoying a mile and a half more rain. 
 The rest of the evening was pretty good, busy but manageable.  Kids in bed, lunches made, dogs walked, me on the couch with my husband, laundry wrinkling up in the laundry basket downstairs.  That can wait till Saturday right?  As long as all this rain doesn’t cause a flood in my laundry room.  But the rain is my friend this week.  It wouldn’t do that to me right? 

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  1. I love how you swap the doggies out for a run!