Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekends used to be relaxing.

It has been one HELL of a school year opening for me! Despite my optimistic outlook on the morning of the first day of school, things have totally not gone my way.   Between work and the boys activities, I just about pass out every night!  I have missed and been unable to make up several workouts and it is extremely frustrating. 
 Saturdays and running just seem out of the question.  Pete works early and I have to shuffle the boys off to their games on my own until he meets me at the ballfield.  Most Saturdays will consist of a soccer game for Brendan, followed by a baseball game for both the boys unless Mother Nature interrupts the schedule.  The stress begins on Friday night as we make sure the uniforms are ready and remember who’s car Brendan’s cleats are in. 
This week it rained on and off almost every day.  By Friday afternoon I was pretty confident I would get to sleep in on Saturday (and I only felt a little guilty about it).  The baseball e-mail arrived with the anticipated notice of continued field flooding.  Shortly thereafter the Soccer e-mail arrived but wait, the game was not cancelled but rather moved to the new indoor facility next to the field.   Arrrrgh!  Well I could handle an eleven O’clock game at least it was not nine AM this week.   

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  1. This can be very tough. I run early mornings because I just don't have any other time. it can get tough and sometimes I have to get up at 3:30 already if I want to get my training done.