Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mommy Misses a Race

Missed a race this morning because of my mommy duties.   Pete works early Saturdays so I am usually on my own for the “Put your uniform on we are going to be late” panic.  Soccer pictures were added to the mix early this morning as well.  Most of the time my parents are meeting us at some point at the soccer or baseball fields and can take the boys solo if I need them to.  Today was not one of those days but I had assumed it would be when I registered back in July.  My parents left yesterday to go visit my brother and his family out west.  There gone now so that they will be back in time to drive me to and from the Altantic City Marathon. 
It was a free 5k for being a member of the road runners club but it was still a letdown.  Last year I ran this race and came in first in my age group.  It was the shortest race I ever ran but also the fastest.  So fast in fact that I nearly threw up in the finish chute! This would have been my 13th race.  Since I did not run it that makes Atlantic City my 13th  race.  Since I was born on the 13th I have always thought of it as my lucky number.  I am going to take that as a good thing.  Turning a negative into a positive right?
As it turns out today is another wet and rainy day in the northeast.  The fields are flooded and unplayable and we woke up early only for Soccer pictures and Dunkin Donuts.  SO now we will pull out the Halloween decorations and embrace the fall fun!!  And as soon as Pete gets home I guess I will go puddle splashing for at least 3.1 miles by myself. 

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