Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Should I Be Freaking Out?

I’ve been so busy and wrapped up in back to school stress and the boys activities that I don’t think I have let it really hit me that my marathon is in less than two weeks.  I mean I realized it is coming but no panic has set in and I have found this taper period only lessens the anxiety I have about being able to fit in all my runs. 

As I had originally thought the last month was going to be really hard.  Not because of the increase in distance but because September meant that I was back to work full time and “me time” was very limited. Although I would have plenty of things in my head on my runs that I wanted to share, I never got a chance to blog or even post about my two longest runs! (One of those took place after standing all day at my sister's babyshower in heels)!   And then it took me two weeks to post my half race report. 
Last weekend as I thought about my planned twelve mile run, I realized it would be ten miles shorter that what I ran the previous weekend.  I realized then it was two weeks away and I had already completed my longest training run.  No fanfare, it was just not going to get any longer until the actual race.  Huh?  Should I panic?  Well I am pretty mellow and maybe that is just how it’s going to be. I ran twenty- two miles all by myself and felt fine the rest of the week. Didn’t miss a single run that following week.   I have found myself faster than anticipated the past two weeks since my half and I still am feeling good.  I’m sure there is still time to panic.  But I don’t know how its possible to think about that now.  I have nervous students and parents to deal with at work and a Costume party to throw at my house this Saturday.  Unless a whole bunch of Halloween themed goodie bags fall from the sky and someone comes to clean my house, I have to panic about that now!  Did I mention my husband is redoing the driveway himself?
At this point my biggest concern is not getting a cold before the 16th, or falling down in the heeled shoes I wear to work. 
I am ready for the Marathon.  I know it.  This weekend, not so much. 

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