Friday, October 7, 2011

Virtual 5k

Virtual 5k race report

Saturday I had multiple things on the schedule.  The Free 5k I had registered for in July was in conflict with the fact that I had no one to bring the boys around to their weekend activities.  A Virtual 5k was perfect substitute.   Thank You Molly!
Once Pete got home I grabbed Calli girl and the last invite to Brenda’s birthday party, I headed up the street on a route I knew was exactly 5k.  Up is the only description of the beginning of 50% of my routes.

I tried not to look at my watch too much and just go.  As long as the dog didn’t make a sudden stop to poop (rip my arm off) I’d do pretty well and be happy about my speed.  About where I knew a mile was I was very happy.  The weather was cool and the traffic light.  No worries of the dog being spooked and jumping in my way.  I was at 17 min and change as I approached mile 2.  Whoah!  One street crossing and a little downhill passed some shops as I came to the last mile from home. 
Dodged a few puddles as I walked past a playground where a few teen agers were hanging out.  Just as I approached a smartass punk jumped out over the fence  and tried to race me!  Hey here is that race adrenaline I was missing!   He didn’t make it long and it was a good thing as Calli didn’t seem to like him at all.  I cruised out of view of the pesky kids and headed back home up the hill that takes me there. 
Do most people finish on a hill like this?  I ask myself this every time!
Finish line at the end of my yard, boys stopped playing catch long enough to ask if I was done. Thanks Guys. 

Despite my handicap of running with a dog and hand delivering a party invitation about a half a mile in, I felt great!

 Finished in 24:23.  My pace was 7:52!  Haven’t seen that in a while. 

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