Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vampires Playing Baseball

I think this picture says it all. 

The weather was perfect.  The company was great.  Caught up with some old friends and got to know a few new ones better.    I had a yard full of boys who were NOT looking to be entertained.  They were psyched  to be dressed up in costumes and they wanted nothing more than to play whiffe ball and race around my yard playing a game called “pickle” in the October sunshine! I have no idea how the game is playedand that is just fine with me because they were having a blast and I was too just watching them. 

And now I still have two days of this beautiful weekend ahead of me with leftover’s to boot!

October is looking good so far. 

Just need to avoid the cold the birthday vampire seems to have caught.  At least for the next seven days.

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