Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The summer is over that I can say for sure.  School started today and the daily routine and nighttime chaos has begun.   What happened to the relaxation of summer?

The past three weeks are a blur.

Day camp ended and Fall Baseball started.  The boys are now on separate teams.   I found myself at the ball field six out of seven days one week.  The miles were run perfectly and adjusted perfectly to the NYC goal. 

 We went on a vacation that had the beach, Roller Coasters, Waterslides and two professional Baseball games.  Runner vacation fail? Well I ran three out of four planned days  but not nearly the miles I wanted.  Not a complete loss considering the physical activities that happened in their place but still a bummer in the back of my mind.  I did run through the streets of historic Philadelphia and mad was that cool!

My brother visited from out west and the cousins had a blast playing together.  Thousands of pictures were taken of six cute kids.  Rarely was an adult in a picture.  Labor day weekend BBQ’s were numerous and many old friends were seen.  Adjustments were made to miles run but they were completed.  I got actually got my Labor Day five mile run done on Friday since my son’s and two nieces gifted me with sleeping in after the sleepover at my house!

So much fun Jammed into a small period of time.  So exhausting.   But I capped the long weekend off with a twenty miler anyway.  I used ten of those miles as my Labor Day tenmiler.  Man was I ever grateful for the Monday off before starting my new school year. 

Now I readjust to the afternoon running.  The small window of opportunity I have to run between getting home from work and the school bus returning my children to me.  


  1. I've seen all these back to school posts and find it weird as our winter is now coming to an end here on my side of the planet. Juggling life and training can be tricky sometimes.

  2. Nice job getting both your 5 and 10 (actually 20) in over the weekend! Hope you adjust back to the school routine quickly. And thanks for participating!