Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm Day

It’s Monday and I am not at work.  I am not writting letters for the November 1st Early college deadline.  I am sitting on my couch waiting for the Frankenstorm to hit.  I have canned food, water and candles ready.  I am watching the weather channel and waiting for the power to go out.  But I can’t help but notice the weather beyond this storm for Sunday is sunny and low 50’s !  (I am not weather stalking, I just happen to live just north of NYC and they keep showing the seven day forecast).  OMG could it be better in NY for me to run 26.2? I think not!
Oh but guess what?  My knee hurts.  it hurts alot. That’s fun with six days until the marathon! I see alot of ice in my future.  Not coming from the sky but in the form of ice packs on my knee.  Lucky for me I bought 8 bags of ice in preparation for this storm.  Hopefully the pain will go away when Hurricane Sandy does and nothing including my home and knee will be worse for the wear.  Until then I hope everyone in Sandy’s path is safe and you all have a Happy Halloween. 

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  1. Maybe the hurricane will give you a little time off and your knee will be good to go for NYC. Stay safe!