Monday, October 15, 2012

The Poorly Executed Long Run That Went Wrong

I had every intention of running this long run in its entirety in one shot.  My last two long runs were broken up due to necessity and I really wanted to get 22 solid miles in as my last long run before NYC.  I even made a point of letting my husband know that I’d be taking longer on Sunday than usual so that he could move his usual 10am client to later.  We would be going to his mother’s house later that day and I would not have to cook after 20+ miles.  Nice plan.  Going into last week I felt good knowing I took care of that detail.    

I am busy.  I am sometimes scattered.  I like to “wing it” rather than plan too much.  I squeeze my runs in everywhere.  At times this backfires. 

Wednesday I ran from the church after I dropped my boys off at religion.  I pick up sweaty and disheveled but hey I’m not looking to impress anyone.  Thursdays plan was similar except the location was from the ballfield. I figured I had a good solid hour to run maybe more before I had to take one of the boys to scouts.   I felt good.  Not behind on any miles for the week at all.  But then things out of my control, namely my own flesh and blood started to mess with my planned time. 

It Sounded something like this:

Daddy: “Get ready for practice".

Five minutes pass Boys are in the center of the roomhalf naked, surrounded by sports apparel

Me: “Get you stuff together so we can go”. 

B: “Mommy where are my baseball pants”?

Me: “I don’t know, where did you take them off”?

MJ: “ I can’t find my cup”!

Me: “Well I know I didn’t wear that”!

Daddy: “ What the heck are you two doing?  Why are you not dressed”? 

Both boys: “I can’t find my…..”

Daddy:”Well it’s your loss.  The later we get there, the less time you have to practice”!

(Selfish panic moment set in, I want my hour to run!)


I ended up only having a half hour!! I was pissed.  I ran out fifteen minutes and back fifteen.  I grabbed MJ from the field and headed out into traffic across town to his cub scout meeting.  When we arrived at his meeting he was grumpy and I was annoyed.  As the meeting went on they discussed the upcoming weekend trip.  I was excited to spend some one on one time with Michael.  At the end of the meeting I asked his leader what time we needed to leave on Saturday.  She looked at me and said “We are going on Sunday.  My son was so happy.   “Now I don’t have to miss my game”! 

Me, notsomuch  OMG!! WTF!!  How did I miss that?   How was I going to run 22 miles, be showered and changed and to our destination 40 minutes away by noon?  No way I could drive over to the trail to meet Beth.  Forget the ice bath, stopping at the house to refuel will take time too!   Aaack  !!  The sun does not rise until 6:45 am these days!! 

I’d figure something out.  Maybe Pete would go with him. 

Saturday was a long full day of sports followed by the visit to my mother in law that we moved to Saturday due to the trip.  She was making meatloaf and home fries.  Nice after a cold day on the baseball field but not exactly the carbo-loading I was looking for.  I hadn’t given what I’d eat too much thought throughout the day.  Not good.  So much for the “dress rehearsal “ aspect of the last long run.  I ate trying to convince myself it would have to do and I enjoyed the apple pie too

When my alarm went off at 6am it was pitch dark and pouring.  I snoozed a few times and hoped the sun would come up each time I opened my eyes.  By 6:45 I was up and getting dressed but it was still so dark.  By the time the dog and I got out the door it was 7:10. I ran and ran.  Self talk and chatter, Calculating my route in my head.  How far should I go before I head home with the dog?  Am I actually going to go far enough that I should take a gel this morning? How many can I really fit in?  I was home at nine miles, quick pit stop and dog switch and I was off on a shorter loop.  Wookiee can’t run as far as Calli so would have to go back to the house again.  Then what direction should I run?  Damn it I need to get sandwiches for today!  I will never have time.  What is this?  Almost twelve if I head home now.  Wait, 12 now and ten later could work right?  Yes that sounds good go home now shower and get what you need to get done and not run around late like a crazy person.   That works. Good it’s a plan.  At least I am more than halfway done right?  Not ideal but it will work. 

So I went out and helped my scout earn his Naturalist badge on a beautiful sunny October day.  I came home and made dinner.  It was dark by the time I was ready to hit the treadmill for some on demand episodes of Revolution and Parenthood. 

But guess who didn’t want to run for ten miles?  Guess who did not want to work at all?  MY TREADMILL!!!! What the HELL!!  It was on.  It was making a funny sound but that is it. 

I call a Do OVER!!! 

Now what do I do?  My husband the lapsed Strength and Conditioning specialist and non runner says it’s no big deal It’s not like I am going to be “graded on an assignment” and I have been running plenty.  He does NOT. GET. IT. 

I think I might attempt a do over tomorrow.   The boys have no scheduled activities.  Pete is home to get them off the bus. 

What would you do?


  1. If I had the chance to do a DO OVER then go for it! Having run 4 NYC Marathons in the past 6 years I know it's about mental as well as physical preperation. Life has a way of throwing obsticles in front you when it comes to the training schedule. Just understand it's part of the ritual. Remember the goal of being in the best possible shape for the race and prepare as best you can. You can be you're own best form of motivation. You'll thank yourself when you cross that Finish Line and receive your NYC Marathon Metal. Good luck!

  2. I would aim for the do-over, but only if it doesn't get too late. You don't want to interfere with your taper.

    Reading your post made me realize how lucky I have been with scheduling. But it is starting to change as my kids get older. Both are now in sports (soccer and hockey). My son plays on the chess team as well while my daughter is in Girl Scouts. More and more our weekends are full. My hubby and I wanted to do a weekend getaway, but it looks to be impossible in the coming months due to the kids' schedules.

    I am glad to read that I am not the only one who has kids who can't find their xxxx. And I end up yelling at them to get out the door etc. Your description of that scene is SO my house!

    Good luck finishing up your training. I am sure you have put in the miles, but I get the mental need to do that last long run.