Saturday, February 4, 2012

How will I run February's race?

So after careful thinking, advice and practical thought I have decided that ten miles NEED to be run before Sunday’s race in order for me to run the fifteen the plan calls for.  It just makes sense to go bang it out on the trail on my way over to the race and then see what I have left for the five officially timed miles.  
I guess my hesitation here was worry about my time.  In what capacity … I’m not sure.  Was I worried someone would think I was slower that I could possibly be?  Would I feel the urge to tell people “yeah I ran ten miles already this morning; I might not be as fast as I could be.  But that’s cool”.  I guess I am more competitive than I realized.
It really it should not matter but somehow it did.  I have taken every race very seriously and always want to improve my time.  But right now the long term training is more important than a PR. 
So instead I am going to do a nice ten miler and (after exchanging a few texts this morning confirmed), join my friend in her PR attempt! A respectably quick pace, that will still give me some speed work.  Perfect!
Any way that I do it, the fact is fifteen miles will be covered Sunday morning AND I can partake in the miles of wings, appetizers and sausage and peppers that will be laid out at the Superbowl Party! 

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