Friday, August 19, 2011

Decision to do it!!

I've spent the past eight weeks following a training plan for a full Marathon. 

I don't know when I decided a marathon was no longer "crazy"  Sometime in May I texted my sister-in law in Lake Tahoe and asked her if she would run the Vegas Marathon with me.  I knew she ran the half with her sister last December and had been considering a marathon.  She said yes.  Perfect! One week before I turn 40 I can run a marathon on the strip. 

I felt good about it. Psyched a bit actully!

But then started to think about the expense and the time it would take to travel to and from Las Vegas.  And what am I completely crazy?  December in a HS Guidance office?  I can't take two personal days to fly accross the country, run 26.2 miles turn around and fly back and THEN coherently write high quality letters of reccomendations to Colleges and Universities all accross the country upon my return.  And what about baking cookies,helping Santa with the boys stuff!?!  This could be the last year MJ believes!!

I was getting stressed just thinking about how December feels, at home and at work,never mind the epic running part.  Bit occurred to me that the Craziness of this scenario was no longer the Marathon part!

Sooo I checked the trusty web and found some alternatives.  I'd have to jump into my training immediately but there were drivable options....before I turned the big 4-0!

So October 16th --Atlantic City NJ, Hartford Ct or Syracuse NY.  

I checked the date counted backwards and started training the last week of school.  I am going to run a half in mid September anyway so even if I decided its a bad idea I'd be ready for that right?  

But as the summer trucked along in all its horrendous humidity I continued to get up early to squeeze in my workouts.  Before I dropped the boys off at camp, earlier each day to do what I needed to do.   I could not wait until it was Sunday and time for my LONG RUN!!

A Marathon seems to be the only OBVIOUS thing to do now.  13.1 just is not enough to shoot for this summer.  That was soooo last summer's goal!!

I have yet to register but on monday night I looked into the logistics and decided to really do it.   I NEED to do it!

I run mostly by myself so I wanted to start getting my thoughts down somewhere as I log the miles.  So after reading a whole bunch of great blogs this past year or so, I decided this is the perfect way to record and even share with other runners out there! 

If you are here reading thanks and welcome to my journey!

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