Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fitting it in.

Its noon on Saturday and Pete and I are both home with the boys. Normally this would be the time that I’d grab my opportunity to go get the quick three miles on my schedule done and over with.  But it’s August in NY and that means heat and humidity.  It’s not the hottest day but I am not a fan of the sun directly overhead during a run.  So now as I clean my closet I will be thinking about when I can do it.  Worst case scenario I can bang 3 miles out on the Elliptical downstairs.  I do not enjoy that option.  Maybe I should just go now anyway since the boys keep figting when they are supposed to be cleaning their room!
I already know how my Sunday runs fit into the routine.  All year long Pete leaves to go train a client at 10am.  So depending on the length of my Sunday run I adjust my time to get up and out of the house before they all wake up and he’s got to go. My routes all go to and from the house so I pick a direction and I go.   It’s good because I am done just as their days begin but boy sometimes I really have to drag myself out of bed to get going

This is getting tricky as my longer runs emerge.  I like to go to the rail trail for ten or more miles because it is clearly marked, relatively flat and there is no traffic to deal with.  I got lucky when I ran 16 a week ago because his client had cancelled and I was able to take my time.    Tomorrow I only have 10 so I guess I can resurrect an old route that stays close to home. 

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