Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake? Hurricane? Lets Go!

I am sitting in a Quallity Inn in College Park Maryland staring at my daily mile maps trying to figure out a six mile loop thru the University of Maryland for tomarrow. 

Yesterday’s earthquake (that I did not feel at all 60 miles north of NYC) and Irene's imminent arrival up the east coast has not stopped this family of four from our mini vacation to Washington DC and Baltimore.  On the schedule tomorrow is a trip to see the Nationals play the Diamondbacks. 

Before that happens I need to get six miles in.  I picked this hotel because not only is it a safe area but it is one block from the University of Maryland.  As a HS Counselor I will get a chance to get another official visit under my belt.  I’m looking forward to it since its move in week and I love the feeling of a college campus.  It always brings me back to the excitement I had returning to Cortland each August!  (I might need a little Peace Frog and Pearl Jam on the I-pod tomorrow morning)

But the stressor in my rear view is I am already trying to figure out if our new friend Irene will allow me the weather to run my scheduled 18 on Monday when I am back in NY.  I’ve already moved it from Sunday to Monday since we are supposed to see the Yankees play the O’s at Camden Yards that day and there be no way I am doing that in unfamiliar territory!

The reality of the whole situation is that we will probably be cutting it short and find ourselves racing Irene back to NY before she slams into the coast.  Until then I will be looking at the weather constantly and hoping I don"t have to tell two little boys we may not see the Yankee's play on Sunday :(

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  1. I'm over from I'm A Sleeper Baker's blog - welcome to blogging!! Good luck with your training, I can't wait to follow you on your journey!