Saturday, August 20, 2011

The HS track in late August.

I can't sleep for some reason and of coarse I've now been up on the internet reading and thinking about everything that needs to get done around the house and before school starts. 

We leave for vacation on wednesday so I am crazed thinking about how to run while in a strange area.  But worse is the tuesday track workout that needs to be done before we leave.  Last week was very frustrating!! to say the least. 

I waited until the evening becuse I was tired in the am and because of the heat.  Bad move. 

Preseason captains practices at the HS made a dreaded track workout all that much more challenging.  It was obvious as I approached the track that the Soccer team was working out.  Those that were not part of the scrimmage at the time were juggling and passing the ball on the track.  They moved when I ran thru so no big deal. 
After about 2 laps of my warm up I could tell that Cheerleaders were assembling to practice as well. 


I started my mile repeats and did they move as I went by?  Oh yes they left a whole lane for the community at large to share. After Mile three, I mentioned to one girl, who seemed to be the captain that they would all fit in the rubberized area just beyond the end zone.  ( Ya know the area that during the spring would have the high jump and be pretty busy but at this time of year is wide open!-- That is where I made my team practice when I coached)  She responded "Oh yeah we would,  (giggle) I don't think anyone wanted to be in the sun". 

OK great keep blocking the track for me the other runners, daily walkers and taxpayers in general.  I will continue to step over your leg, onto the grass and proceed down the straightaway hoping to not get pegged by a stray soccer ball kicked by a promising freshman.  I will have to really figure out how Tuesday will work out for me. 

Official HS practices begin on Monday and finding a usable track will be crazy! 

Man am I looking forward to taking the dog out with me tomorrow and only worrying that she might trip me. 

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