Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three Things Thrursday

I am happy to report that the Rum cake that has been in my dining room since Christmas is finally gone!  Unfortunately it, along with a plethora of Pecan Butterballs and caramel corn has been my main source of carbs this week. 

I have already run 21 miles this week and its only Thursday.  This brings my total for my dailymile challenge- 100 run thru the holidays- to 96.  I am pretty sure I can manage 4 miles in the next two days!   (Not for nothing, my 5 mile Turkey trot wasn't counted since I joined the challenge on Thanksgiving night.   I have met he challenge already but I will run the four miles to be accuarate according to the technology). 

I did not hurt myself while roller skating this afternoon with my son!  It’s been over 20 years. I was afraid of a painful collision and a setback in the endurance I have been building back.  By the way I will need everyone to pray for my safety as I hit the slopes with the boys tomarrow.  We tend to go a bit fast and who knows what that man made terrain has in store for us!

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