Friday, December 30, 2011

Starting out the year right

Well I have been looking for a January race that fit into my schedule (or was cheap local and didn’t take place when Pete had to work). 
 And I think I just found it. 

Well I did't just find it I have seen a few people post that they were going to run this virtual race but have just now had the time to check it out.

Since I have some time this week I found myself pleasently sucked into blogglyland and at times so absorbed I was almost lost.  You know when you click on so many links and find youself saying things like, "How did I get to this page?  I have to add this to my blog list" and "Wow, how inspiring" and "Yes you can have another.... candy cane, cookie, bowl of cereal (just leave me alone)"!  Or realize blogs you thought you were following dissapear?  Maybe that's just me being confused. 

Then suddenly you realize what time it is and all that has to be done and you move on. 

Why not get January’s race out of the way on the first day?  I will thank you very much!

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