Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 by the Numbers

NYC Half-times square - mile 8
Run for Think Pink Rock's-Breast Cancer Research
I raised over $1200 in six weeks!
#of Races run this year-12 

Wow! I only ran 6 in 2010
1 trail run, 2 very big races,2 virtual races, 5 local runs, 2 big local races


1 Marathon
2 Half marathons
4 10k's
2 5k's
3 five Miler's

Number of picture cards I received at Christmas 44
I hate taking them down!
# of ornaments I just took off the tree-  Lets not get crazy, I have no idea

# of Medals-3

nyc half and Atlantic City Marathon and a local age group

# of PR’s- 5-Half, 10k, 5k, 5mile, Full (lol)
# of Shoes in the rotation-4
# of Miles run -  1074
Total miles logged-1127

# of Baseball games attended with the boys-6
2 Yankee,2 Hudson Valley Renegades,1 Washington Nationals, 1 Baltimore O's (vs Yankees)
# of Letters of Recommendation I wrote for my seniors 41
# of college applications processed -275

# of times the weather changed unexpectedly- ? Where the heck do I live? It snowed the day before Halloween and I ran in shorts on new years eve!   It s nearly 60 degrees out there today and I went skiing yesterday!

Eight miles in the morning

Put my snow pants right over those shorts!
# of other things I am trying to do as I write this post- 3 - make a lasagna, laundry, put away Christmas
# of times the tooth fairy visited the boys-10

# of Bags of Cub scout popcorn polished off- Don’t ask

Happy 2012!  I will run my first 5k of the year when  the husband gets home for the Gym. 

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