Sunday, January 29, 2012

I think it is winter

I am informed by my calendar that it is January.  Actually it is late January, in fact in case you were not aware this is the end of January.  But let me tell you that it did not feel like January this week here in the Mid Hudson Valley.  Maybe it did last weekend, it did snow.  But yesterday I saw crocuses popping up and a third day of 50 degree weather.  There is not a pile of snow to be seen. 
Getting dressed I feel as confused as those crocuses.  The past two Sunday mornings I have faced single degree weather.  My layers seemed to outnumber the temperature.  My water bottles froze.  I couldn’t even take the dog because her paws were too cold on the road and she was limping thirty seconds in!.  Since then I have enjoyed the shorts and long sleeve combo twice this week!

The cold outfit.  Ski hat and long johns included.

In the laundry I just separated I have long sleeve tech shirts, tights, long johns and sweaty hats.  I am about to add two pairs of shorts.   Shorts in January are unheard of for me since I run only outside.  This time last year there were several feet of snow on the ground and it was all about layers. Last year  I found the perfect layers and am good to go in almost any temp.   BUT I LOVE SHORTS!  It is just that it gets confusing.  And to be honest causes more laundry than I need!
Today was a happy medium 32 degrees and sunny.  Seasonal?  I guess.  Who knows anymore. 

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