Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years 5k

Calli and I after the 5k
I decided to run my regular 5k route, also known as “race the school bus” because I did not map out anything else out and it was getting late.  It has some significant hills that I seem to forget will SUCK at the 5k pace.  But since I had Calli with me it only made sense to run on the left side of the road against traffic.  Besides running uphill at a good clip is good strength training right?
Knowing this route I made an attempt to track my splits with my watch but they are not exact. 
Mile 1-8:04  in the neighborhood and out onto the shoulder of the main road.  One quick doggie pit stop.
Mile 2—7:39 Straight shot out, mostly sidewalks in the village no problems at the crosswalks. 
Mile 3+.1 – 8.33 Hairpin turn down towards the creek, Calli decided the middle of the road was as good a place as any to do her business.  Picked it up the last half mile and up THE HILL. 
Final time 24:16
Note to self: Heather next time you run a virtual 5k, leave the dog at home and reverse this route!

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