Saturday, November 26, 2011

MHRR 5 mile Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving morning was colder than I expected. When I got up to walk the dogs I started to rethink my choice of clothing.  I grabbed my gloves and a couple of color coordinated layers that I thought would be appropriate if it didn’t warm up as it was supposed to.  Quick oatmeal and a few chocolate chip cookies and I tended to the other matter of importance.  Since I was hosting the big meal later in the day I had to coordinate the timing of the bird and my departure for the race carefully.  That meant that I could get everything ready and Pete would have to get up, preheat and put it in right about the time I would start running.  Fingers crossed the turkey would be ready at 2 as planned. 

Nice long sleeve Tech T!

After my car defrosted enough for me to actually drive, I made my way over to Beth’s house and on to a local HS where the race was to take place.  It was a mob scene!  A 5mile, 25 k and 2 mile fun run were on tap in addition to a kids race.  We had 45 minutes until the first race began.   We waited on line to collect our bibs and tech T’s for most of that time even as preregistered runners. 
Somehow we managed to begin only 10 minutes later than expected.  675 runners ran the 5 mile race and it was a really positive atmosphere.   Two guys were in full turkey costume.   Going into the race I knew my best 5 mile time was under 42 minutes and of course I was hoping to beat that.  But this race was described as mostly hills and after I saw the first hill I knew why!  Having not run a whole lot of miles in the past few weeks my legs were fresh and I felt pretty good.  This was an out and back course and I enjoyed seeing the front of the pack on their way back and high fiving my friend after I made the turn around myself.  Every downhill I had just enjoyed was now a known entity.   I didn’t give up on a PR but I scaled down my expectations. I still felt pretty good and went as fast as I could without feeling sick.  Somehow the time on the clock at the finish read 40:40!  
A PR on a hilly course?   If I had run 41 I would have PR’d! 41 was the number I was looking for.  Hey I’m not complaining, I’ll take it but now what the heck should my goals be for next Saturday’s holiday run?  I guess I will start with not vomiting like last year. 

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  1. Congrats on the PR on hills no less! Hope the turkey turned out great as well!