Saturday, November 5, 2011

NYC buzz

Is it wrong that I am annoyed with the TrackMy Runners system?   It will only let me follow three people in tomorrow’s New Your City Marathon!  I had a whole list of people that I am really excited to see how they do but now I will have to wait and see when they post on their blogs or twitter.   Granted I don’t actually know all of these people.  I have only followed them in blog land or watched them on the biggest loser.  
The buzz on the social media , Letterman and the local news has me totally into this marathon I am completely not running.  AND convinced I must do it one day.  I got a taste of the excitement at the NYC half last year and the full is now on the bucket list.  If I didn’t have a birthday party to bring the boys to tomorrow I would totally be hopping on a train into the city in the morning to cheer on the masses. 
But instead when I wake up I will run some miles in suburban NY and then get text updates on three of the four runners I do actually know, Molly, Tina, Diane and Lauren, who are running the streets of the Big Apple.  I hope it is a great day for all!

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