Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friendly runners and running with a friend

This morning I met Beth for a run on the rail trail.  Unlike yesterday when I sweated in a tank top, this morning I finally got to wear my long sleeve AC Marathon shirt and choose a fleece vest to go over it.  I can’t get over this NY weather this year.  I really think the seasons are shifting. 
ANYWAY I digress!
Runners are such a friendly bunch.  I say this because all it takes is a race T-shirt or a headband to start a conversation and find people you have things in common with.  Beth was wearing her turkey trot shirt.  Everyone we passed commented on what a fun race it was and really, it was.  We met a few women who ran the race and run the rail trail on a regular basis.  A few are even running next week’s holiday race. One of them noticed the active bands that Beth and I were wearing, that I won from Tricia at Endurance Isn’ t Only Physical.  Funny how me winning a blog giveaway in cyberspace, can create connections out on the real road.    

Friend reunion this weekend
Kelli,Moe, Me and Beth
It is nice to meet people who enjoy running as much as I do.  I know my husband and parents think I am crazy as I study the race schedules and web sites and try to plan out my year around a race.  There are times that I know people ask about my training or races and they are just making conversation or being polite by asking.  That is fine, it’s not for everyone.  It would be nice to have a few more friends that I could actually discuss running with. If someone had asked me about the socks I won from Molly I would have told them how cool they were cause I was wearing them too! I am glad we met some friendly faces out there.  I am looking forward to getting to know them better.   
It has been a great weekend and today’s eight miles were a great beginning to the end of it. 

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