Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Motivation Lacking

This is pretty much how cold I felt the past few mornings. Waking up with no heat or lights in the house. 

This afternoon the power is back on.  I was so happy I baked cookies as I filled and ran the dishwasher two times. (in my oven that was fixed the day before the storm).  Now the hot water heater is not working!  When it rains it pours. 
I am rationalizing that this is justification to skip my runs in the afternoon. That coupled with the MANY mini butterfingers I have consumed in the past few days just doesn't feel right! 

I must get back in the swing of things.  With no plan to follow, I feel so lazy.  So unaccountable.  I don't get daily reminder on how far to run.  No urgency to record that run.  Must find my motivation.  So far this is it. 

These dogs need to put some miles in.   

I am registered for a 5 mile race the first weekend in December but it seems so far away.  Thinking of a Turkey trot too (if I can convince my husband to get up and baste the bird while I am gone) Thanksgiving morning.  I have a choice 5 mile or 25k.  Hmmmm...

Might be time to commit to the next race.  I am sure after the buzz of the NYCM this weekend I will really feel the need to plan for something. 

I guess it is time to research. 

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